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Since May of 2008, 7 stray bullets have hit our site at Happy Children of Overtown preschool and after school center.  Our students and staff are traumatized. Miraculously, no one was injured, but the terror of experiencing bullets flying over heads has had a long lasting and damaging effect on the children and staff. 

No child should have to endure the fear of bullets anywhere, much less at the nurturing, loving school they attend.  Sadly, this is reality for many of the youth we serve. 

Because of the continuing threat of stray bullets, Stand Up is erecting a bullet proof wall surrounding the school. This wall is not peace of mind and a sense of security.  It is life or death. 

Join us in our Block the Bullets! Campaign.  We need an additional $25,000 to build the wall, and we can’t do it without your help. Stand Up with us to make a difference in the safety and emotional wellbeing of our children. 

Stand Up for Those Who Can’t, Inc. uses the holistic application of arts-based education to reduce community violence by nurturing social and emotional competencies in a safe, creative and loving environment. Using the arts, movement, music, and healthy food preparation as tools to improve self-esteem, promote...
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Stand Up for Those Who Can’t, Inc. exists to create a community free from violence, where individuals recognize their importance to the unity of our world, empowered to live their highest vision of themselves and become productive members of society. academic achievement, we expand youths’ knowledge of possibility for themselves and their communities.
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